Adapting to a new world

Masks covering our mouths. Maintaining distance from others.

We are learning how to go about our daily routine with new rules in place. Grocery shopping , Visiting a new place, Being social have all changed.

Disabled people adapt to fit in. Autistic people use the skills that they see in other people to mask themselves. While there are some autistic people who are sensitive to the feeling of wearing a mask, There are a lot of autistic people who know that wearing a mask is important and they do so to try and slow the spread of the COVID 19 virus.

Masks, A lot of people are being considerate and wearing masks to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This makes it difficult for both Autistic people and Deaf people who are able to communicate more efficiently when seeing the lips that are moving.

I know that I have my struggles socially but, I never realized how much I used the lips/mouth to take in social cues when I have conversations with people. Deaf people sometimes know how to read lips. For hearing impaired people the masks we wear now could cause difficulty in being able to here someone clearly. There are masks that have a clear window but from what I’ve seen they aren’t very widely available.

Autistic people sometimes use PECS a picture exchange communication system to communicate what they need. Pictures that display their wants or needs. (Food, bathroom, toys) Deaf people may need to rely on other people to interpret for them or write down what they are trying to communicate.

The Clear Mask

We need masks like “The Clear Mask’ made available in more places. Hospitals, Dr’s offices, Schools etc..

The separation physically we now rush to create as more social opportunities arise is a hurdle for Blind people. It makes it difficult for blind people who have guide dogs. Especially in times when things are shutdown and they’re not familiar with the area they’re in. A command that Blind people can give their dog is to follow someone. That’s kind of hard when we’re physically separating ourselves from each other or when communities are shut down.

Yes slowing or even stopping the spread of the COVID 19 virus is important but, it’s also important to Be Kind and Patient with one another. It’s okay to help someone out especially if they are struggling.

Author: shespeaksherheart29

I am a young adult. I am on the autism spectrum. I speak to break down the barriers of misunderstanding. Ability is all around.

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