Liebster Award Nomination

I got nominated by MyBookWorld24 (MyBookWorld24 ) For the Liebster Award!

Thank you MyBookWorld24 for the Nomination!

The Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and add a link to their blog
  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers that you think deserve the award
  4. Ask 11 innovative questions to the ones you have nominated
  5. Remember to notify your nominees once you have uploaded your acknowledgement post

MyBookworld24’s Questions:

Summer or Winter? Winter! I love the soft ,comfy clothes that are worn during the winter months. Sweaters and onesie pajamas.

Favourite place to read or write? I like a comfy couch that is in a quiet space.

A thing you carry with you every day? My Fitbit

How did you feel going back to after COVID? It hasn’t returned to “normal” things are still very different. I miss the way we as humans used to connect.

Any facts that you would like to learn? I enjoy learning Medical , anatomy facts. Learning new facts just in general is something that never stops. There’s always something new.that is going to expand your mind and be of interest to you.

What’s your dream job? That has changed a lot! I’ve found different skills that I didn’t really know I had. Right now I would say either Writing or Photography.

Do you have any crushes? No crushes. I’m a romantic and passionate person but, I’m trying not to fall head over heels and force what’s not even there yet.

Favourite childhood food? Macaroni and cheese

A show worth binge-watching? I really like the show “Shameless” on Netflix.

Whose blog needs more followers? Cayden Ramos

A name that you always wished you had? I really liked the name Brook when I was younger

I nominate:

1. Debatably Dateable

2. Cayden Ramos

3. LifesfineWhine

4. Barbara Gannon -Cancer is not a death sentence

5. Painspeaks

My questions:

1. What historical event do you wish you could change?

2. What hidden talent do you you have?

3. What’s your favorite childhood memory?

4. Rain or Snow?

5. What cartoon character is most like you?

6. Art or Sports?

7. What’s your favorite holiday?

8. What is your favorite Comfort Food?

9. The beach or mountains?

10. What is your favorite book?

11. What long term goals do you have?

Author: shespeaksherheart29

I am a young adult. I am on the autism spectrum. I speak to break down the barriers of misunderstanding. Ability is all around.

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